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Artist Statement

My work is a monument to the unique and diverse experiences within the lives of women, specifically within their domestic spaces. My work considers the everyday experiences of women along with the complexities inherent in their lives such as emotional and domestic labor, caregiving roles, and the patriarchal structures that inform the expectations on women within the home. I explore the use of traditionally masculinized processes and materials intertwined with traditionally feminized materials to explore subversive ways in which women reclaim their spaces from patriarchal structures that so heavily influence their lives. This conversation is important to me because, particularly in the American South, many of the women I talk to still feel like they take on a significantly greater amount of domestic labor than their partners despite the progress that women have made over the years to equalize labor. By creating this body of work, I hope to help reframe the conversation and help the women sharing their stories to feel that their unseen labor and experiences are made visible and monumentalized through sculpture.